Fallen off the bad wagon badly

Feb 9th '15 11:01 AM
Epic fail...

Not been posting much, have eaten myself out of house & home.. :-(

I have been using the treadmill every night but fat lot of good that's gonna have done.

Haven't weighed in 2 weeks because I know I've messed up big stylee.

Comfort eating more than anything else, and a nervous, anxiety eating... Meh!!!
Feb 9th '15 11:42 AM
Don't feel you need to hide from here when you fall off the wagon, sometimes writing it down can help you but most of us will have definitely already been there ourselves or will in the future!

It is so easy to fall off but often soooo hard getting back... the only way to push through and forward is to believe in you and what you want. You may find standing on your scales pushes you back on... I was always on my scales because they put me back into extra good mode when I enjoyed a day off.

I hope whatever is getting you anxious and nervous to the point of comfort eating settles for you soon x
Feb 9th '15 12:59 PM
I wish it would to, but it's not going to for a while yet, I know it's more at the moment because I'm back in the hospital tomorrow, which makes it worse..

But I will try to keep on track, I need to take back control.

thanks for the support xx
Feb 9th '15 13:11 PM
What's tomorrows hospital trip for?
Feb 9th '15 13:46 PM
Results from some tests last week, then a talk with the surgeon about different options depending on the results and any changes.

Feb 9th '15 15:11 PM

Good luck for you results hun. Let us know how you are
Feb 9th '15 15:21 PM
I will do.
I know what I'm facing so it's just if it's spread/got worse etc or stayed the same..
Will know tomorrow either way. Xx
Feb 9th '15 16:00 PM