Aug 19th '14 22:23 PM
Time of the month ...messing up your food intake ! you just want to grab that chocolate and pig out ! messing up energy level...really i know exercise suppose to relieve cramps but who really wants to exercise when bleeding out ?

What do you do when you have your periods? Do you stay on plan or everything going out the window for a week?

I am still doing my 5:2 diet Thursday is my second fast day that is going to be interesting!
Aug 20th '14 08:30 AM
I completely understand, it's really not easy and I hope you have a good week. I do try to stay on plan, and save syns for a little treat like a hot chocolate or something (or a gin and tonic if the day calls for it haha) but obviously that's of little help to you on a 5:2. I do think we can afford to be a little kind to ourselves though and look at maybe the loss for the month overall if things go a little awry.

Best of luck, hope you have a good day xx
Aug 20th '14 16:10 PM
Thank MarieDK !

I am trying to stay on track ! lol
Aug 20th '14 18:03 PM
I was like this last month and had such bad sugar cravings and ate everything in sight!

Sorry you are struggling right now but fingers crossed you will be back on track soon!

Aug 31st '14 19:07 PM
I never realise how much c*** I wanted around AF time until I couldn't have it. Actually I've never been a big chocolate water but since starting losing weight I want it!

Exercise I noticed made my time of the month lighter and less painful if I don't fall off it. I won't go to the gym when I'm on my heaviest day but I have done when it's a lighter day or gone out for a jog.