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How popsicles help my diet

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Jul 14th '14, 13:46 PM  
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How popsicles help my diet

Popsicles, ice lollies, frozen fruit bars, (whatever you want to call them) are fantastic for summer! I've been eating a lot of them lately and I've found that they really help my diet.

Whenever I get the urge to snack on something, especially in front of the television, I grab one from the freezer and it keeps me occupied for awhile. You just have to be careful which ones you buy because some are loaded with sugar. There are some healthy frozen fruit bars and sugar free kinds so that is what I've been eating.

I want to get some molds like these and make my own. I'd like to try some with green tea or even iced coffee. We used to make them with orange juice in the ice cube trays when I was little.
Jul 14th '14, 15:03 PM  
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I definitely want to make my own also just not had time to think about it yet! Some decent moods would be good!
Jul 14th '14, 15:12 PM  
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They sound like a good idea. I must try making a green tea one!
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