Fast day and I am STARVING

Jun 27th '13 12:14 PM
Okay so it's only 500cals today. Had a salad from tescos that's only 170cals, and already usually.try and wait til about 1.30pm to eat so i'm not waiting so long between meals but omg I'm ravenous today

just trying to drink plenty water to up

Jun 27th '13 12:24 PM
Not fasting but staarving too. Not actually eaten anything yet today and only had one drink (probably why)... thinking I should go and down a few pints of water

Find something to distract you. Are you at work or home?
Jun 27th '13 12:47 PM
Have you got any ice pops? I think they're quite low cal xx
Jun 27th '13 12:54 PM
Im at work but it's a quiet day so far, so done all my jobs this morning! Suppose i could always give the tubs a little extra dust.

Are icepops low in cals PP?
ETA ignore my stupid Q i.didnt see you'd said already haha. Ice pops would be yum just now!

Jun 27th '13 17:55 PM
How may fast days do you do?

I'm interested what you had all day
Jun 27th '13 18:19 PM
What you having for tea then? x
Jun 27th '13 18:46 PM
2 fast days a week wobbs! Last week was a doddle but struggling today.

Dinner was salad from tescos and water, 170cals. For tea it was 2 quorn chicken fillets cooked in a garlic, tomato & basil sauce (made from chopped up cherry tomatoes) with a load of spinach! Altogether around 180cals.

So altogether today so far iv had 350cals, leaves me any of the 100cal treats you can choose when we go the shop later!

Jun 27th '13 19:50 PM
Doesn't that mean you have 150 left not 100? lol

I want to know what you top up with
Jun 27th '13 20:40 PM
Yepp 150! Seems like loads on fast days, But i like to keep a buffer just in case i somehow dont account for something, my memory is terrible when it comes to food

Jun 27th '13 20:56 PM