I've been bad!

Jun 24th '13 08:26 AM
But it's time to be good No more slacking xx
Jun 24th '13 08:58 AM
I've been bad too!

I'm absolutely fine through the week, come weekend I need locking in a cupboard!
Jun 24th '13 09:26 AM
Can I join you on the naughty step?! This weekend has involved copious amounts of alcohol, 2 takeaways, chocolate and a pub lunch! I feel so bloated it's unreal!

I'm the same, week days are fine, but come Friday it all goes to pot!
Jun 24th '13 09:53 AM
LOL. I was just about to come on here and put up a thread saying 'right, enough is enough I need to start sorting out this dieting lark' And I'm not even that good during the week. Think there may be a few of us on the naughty step

Someone remind me to weigh myself tonight and I'll start when I get home
Jun 24th '13 09:54 AM
Is there anyone not on the naughty step this week?!
Jun 24th '13 11:59 AM
I'm on the naughty step and should be here for some time lol
Jun 24th '13 19:45 PM
Why does the bad food have to taste so good? It should be the other way round!
Jun 24th '13 19:50 PM
I was on the naughty step on & off for 3 weeks, and put 3lb on But back on track now, so far a 4lb loss, and official weigh in isnt until thursday
Jun 24th '13 21:57 PM
Well done nibbler! Im properly craving shit food tonight, must be good!
Jun 25th '13 08:03 AM
I was as good as gold yesterday