How do you decide when to start your new wardrobe?

May 16th '14 15:55 PM
I feel like I'm living in horrible limbo land I don't feel nice in my current clothes as they are a good few years old now, and also are getting to be too big. I have thrown a lot out which has whittled it down more, but I seriously don't have the money right now to fork out or a new wardrobe while I still have so much weight to lose.

Did you guys get things little and often, or wait til you reached your goal? It's so flippin awkward

May 16th '14 18:09 PM
I was just talking about this with my husband today and I think I won't buy anything until I am a size 14 - unless obviously my trousers start dropping down and I inadvertently flash people (poor people) Then I know I will hopefully still be able to wear some of it when at target I will just see how it goes but I refuse to shop plus sizes ever again
May 16th '14 18:40 PM
That's kinda what I was thinking actually! Once I get to full size 14 on top maybe I'll start getting stuff then. I have a pair of jeans I'm working towards, so they should do me for a while after, and I suppose leggings are pretty standard. Just don't feel nice in anything I have!

May 16th '14 18:48 PM
You are looking fantastic though Kiwi Though completely understand not feeling good in your old clothes - I am the same - but next year we'll be totally fabulous
May 20th '14 12:04 PM
The good thing about this time of year is it's mostly light tops and trousers with the good weather.

Dropping down last year in summer I bought colder weather clothes on sale ready for after summer in smaller sizes and bought loads of light vests from Matalan and just stuck with a couple of pairs of pants (jeans, 3/4 and jog light pants). Its the winter clothes I found to be expensive so i basically bought things all year round.
May 20th '14 12:33 PM
I know this is more of an issue for women than blokes but I've been between 2 sizes for about 6 years. I still have the same wardrobe Problem is I go from just getting into the size below for a few days until I eat something stupid and then I have to put on my fat clothes but they are really baggy and I look like a hunchback

Hate it. I haven't bought any new clothes in ages :/
May 20th '14 13:00 PM
I tend to just buy things now and then if something catches my eye that I like. I have recently started fitting into pretty much every item of clothing I own, so at the moment it feels like I have a whole new wardrobe. Sometimes I buy clothes from charity shops as you can get some great bargains and if you slim out of it fast then you can always donate it back again
May 22nd '14 17:06 PM
I bought some stuff in sales, ebay and charity shops over the last few months in a size down I'm even fitting into some of them.
May 23rd '14 10:56 AM
Thanks all for your replies. The charity shops are a good idea!! Don't know why I didn't think of that I don't know if I'd bother with eBay, just because I like to try on first. I'm pretty fussy as it is, and I'm an expert at talking myself out of buying stuff. Went to primark the other day for a few bits, seen a few lovely tops to see me thru and I literally put them all back and just stuck to the "essentials" (couple of boring black work tops)

I suppose it's just frustrating because I'm at the point where I want to look nice, and I'm feeling nice sometimes, whereas before I lost any weight I didn't feel confident enough to wear anything "nice" so I got stuck in a rut and I suppose another issue is that I lost my "style" a bit. I have no idea what type of clothes I like anymore because everything is different now!! That sounds so lame I guess I'll just have to try a load of stuff on and see.

May 25th '14 19:52 PM
I know what you mean about losing style I did the same just wore the same old plain jane stuff whereas now I'm enjoying being trendy