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Diet spa vacations

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' Forum started by TwylaDee, May 7th, 2014 at 15:02 PM.
May 7th, 2014, 15:02 PM  
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Diet spa vacations

Wouldn't you love to do this? I would love a holiday in a gorgeous location where they pamper you with massages and facials while you have professional chefs prepare specialty dishes that are all natural and low calorie. I wouldn't mind living at one of these places for about six months. Diet spas are severely expensive. I wish I could afford that!

I remember when I was a kid, my one cousin was very heavy. His parents sent him off to a "fat farm" and he came back after summer was over and he was slender and suntanned. He did gain it all back though.
May 7th, 2014, 16:43 PM  
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This sounds bliss ... I'd love it!!!
May 8th, 2014, 12:12 PM  
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What a luxury this would be!! I would even go if it were called a "fat farm", as long as they had a spa and a chef...and of course a masseuse would be an added plus! Would it be more expensive than a normal vacation? I'll have to look into it now that you have me intrigued!
May 8th, 2014, 12:48 PM  
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Ahh I would love that!
May 8th, 2014, 20:44 PM  
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I'd love it, I love reading about those places in magazines! I'd love to do a week at an intense bootcamp place in the sun followed by a week at a yoga place with satin bedsheets and nice candles everywhere!
May 9th, 2014, 00:42 AM  
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That sounds like it would be heaven. I wouldn't mind being pampered and fed, even if it's diet and healthy food. Let's face it, I'd love someone to cook for me, even without the massage and facials.
May 9th, 2014, 11:28 AM  
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One of the first things I'd do if I won the lottery would be hire my own chef! It'd be bliss!
May 9th, 2014, 12:33 PM  
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That sounds like a ton of fun! Okay maybe only the pampering part. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all go to this. The only thing would be we would need to learn how to keep it off.
May 9th, 2014, 15:25 PM  
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I can envision gentle yoga on a white, sandy beach by the ocean. Running and jumping in the waves. Walking for miles looking for shells. Working up an appetite for fresh seafood and salads. One perfect dark chocolate on my pillow at bedtime as a treat for a job well done. Sign me up! I want to go.
May 10th, 2014, 14:08 PM  
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We should totally build a social slimmers retreat hire a cook and someone to do massages and I'll stand in a field and shout at people to shift their arses
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