Your Favorite Source of Good Fat

Apr 26th '14 17:58 PM
After wising up about food choices, including healthy fats, I developed quite a taste for avocados. I didn't like them in the past, but I now enjoy adding them to sandwiches and salads. It's one of those surprising twists of a lifestyle change.

Have any of your current tastes taken you by surprise?
Apr 26th '14 18:43 PM
Fish is one source of fat (and protein) that I never thought I would like. After trying it, though, I've actually discovered that I like tuna, tilapia, and salmon.
Apr 26th '14 18:57 PM
I love avocado, coconut oil, sardines, salmon and various types of nuts.
Apr 27th '14 09:03 AM
Peanut butter! Although I'm not entirely sure it counts I can't stand avocado, unless in guacamole!
Apr 28th '14 17:10 PM
It's does PP if it's 100% natural peanut butter and indeed one of my recent favs as well as sesame oil x