Social Slimmers 2014 Weigh-In Thread

Aug 17th '14 17:55 PM
Sorry you had a gain Wobbles, but you will lose it soon I'm sure!

Wow what an amazing loss Marie! You must be very happy with that

Aug 17th '14 18:01 PM
Thank you Bev Yes, am really chuffed. Did wonder if I had completely derailed for a moment but seems to be ok again - phew xx
Aug 18th '14 08:32 AM
It was a half pound loss for me last Wednesday.....I forgot to come here and report
Today is Monday so only today and tomorrow before I am back on the dreaded scales. I really hope everyone is happy at how their weightloss journey is going.

Aug 18th '14 14:53 PM
Well done Rachael And best of luck for the next weigh in xx
Aug 18th '14 15:51 PM
Well done Rachael and good luck for your weigh in tomorrow!
Aug 20th '14 13:32 PM
You are all so kind and supportive, thank you Bev, thank you Marie!

I lost a pound at this mornings weigh in and so that makes a total of 1st 10.5lbs in all.
I will be away, motorhoming in France for a MONTH, from the end of August to end September and so I will have to really be strong and stay motivated. I will try and remember to check in here next Wednesday though as it will be last weigh in for the four weeks.
I wish everyone else positivity and the motivation to make the best food choices.
Aug 20th '14 18:02 PM
Well done on another fab loss Rachael!

Your holiday sounds like it will be great fun. Enjoy!

Aug 21st '14 10:21 AM
That's brilliant news Rachael, you are doing so well! Hope you have a really lovely time away.
Aug 23rd '14 06:58 AM
A pound off for me this week, and I am very happy had a bit of a greedy week, so it's good I kept it in check a little. 3lbs more and I will have lost 4 stone so I will try and keep my head down and behave myself. Starting a new degree at Uni on Monday will have to make sure that I take plenty of superfree with me so I stay on track.

Hope everyone has a good week xx
Aug 23rd '14 08:25 AM
Well done Marie! Wow, not long until you'll have lost 4 stone. You're doing great!