Smaller plates

Mar 9th '14 16:25 PM
I finally bought some new dishes. I have been wanting to do that for awhile because the ones I have are very old and tired looking.

The ones I bought are smaller than what I've been using and they are square rather than round. The smaller size is definitely going to make a difference in portion sizes.
Mar 9th '14 18:57 PM
Yes, it will. I find it is easier to control your portions and put less on your plate when the plate is already small. I try to use smaller plates as often as possible.
Mar 9th '14 21:59 PM
I switched our plates out about a year ago. We use the square ones now too and they are much smaller. My hubby has to go for seconds now but I'm happy with the food that I get on the plate. I am not overeating now.
Mar 9th '14 22:11 PM
Smaller plates are great for tricking the brain that you're eating more than you actually are, so you don't feel like you want any more
Mar 10th '14 10:57 AM
Great idea to change plate size! I find our plates are huge and naturally, I want to fill them up. I also saw a special on tv about the colors of your plates and how it might affect appetite. Blue seemed to be the color of choice for people who want to lose weight. Then again, I'm not sure if I want "diet" plates vs. real plates...what do you guys think?
Mar 10th '14 11:10 AM
I wouldn't want a diet plate if everyone else has normal. I'd feel like a kid at the grown-ups table Would consider it if on my own
Mar 10th '14 17:18 PM
Last week I took some a couple of our old plates from the garage and they're massive rounded plates compared to what we have now which too is square(ish).