Favorite fruit or vegetable

Apr 9th '14 01:10 AM
I love almost all veggies. I will try any new one that I encounter. I would say my favorite right now is green beans. I love zucchini in the summer months. I also love tomatoes and I love them raw the best too. I only like them from my garden though.
Apr 9th '14 09:36 AM
There's a totally different taste to homegrown tomatoes, I think it's partly to do with the smell of the vines. My grandad grew them and I used to love walking into his greenhouse!
Apr 9th '14 14:09 PM
Oh I know not home grown but I always thought I was weird liking the smell of vine tomatoes that you can buy in stores and defo taste nicer but always double in price!
Apr 9th '14 19:44 PM
Lettuce is my favorite veg and lemons are my favorite fruits