Husband Fallen Off the Wagon

Jan 20th '14 16:16 PM
I posted on here before that I was so happy my husband joined me on the weight loss journey. Unfortunately, he has backslid and I'm going it alone again. I miss the company but I'm not giving him a hard time about it, since I know he has to be internally motivated.
Jan 20th '14 17:32 PM
Aww, too bad but at least you know better not to hound him. I think what works better in situations like this is, leading by example. If you keep eating better and exercising, your good mood and general well being will be contagious. He'll want to get back on the wagon because of the way you look!
Jan 21st '14 20:03 PM
Hopefully you can motivate him without pressure. Food times must be hard? I'd not be up for cooking separate meals especially unhealthy :| x
Jan 22nd '14 01:00 AM
hope he gets motivate again ! My husband is still in and it is i must said so much easier to be at together
Jan 22nd '14 02:19 AM
My hubby is not really on the weight loss wagon with me, either, so I know how you feel. It's frustrating when you want to workout and he doesn't and when you want to eat healthy and he wants junk food!
Jan 22nd '14 04:17 AM
My husband tried dieting and exercising with me for a while but eventually he stopped. He says he hates to exercise and that calorie counting is "too tedious."
Jan 22nd '14 16:44 PM
Well, calorie counting is pretty tedious. I'll give your husband that. It works, though! As for meal times at my house, I try to keep them towards the healthy side since I'm not making two meals. The problem with him is snacking in between meals, which ends up tempting me too, but so far, so good.
Jan 22nd '14 20:09 PM
I am sorry he fell off the wagon. It's good that you're not pressuring him though. Maybe try to offer some new recipes or ideas for nice walks together and he will hopefully get back on the wagon. Good luck!
Aug 12th '15 10:17 AM
I fell off the wagon hurt, but but it made me stronger