Health or Vanity

Jan 18th '14 18:46 PM
I think most people want to lose weight for both reasons but which one of these is the one that motivates you the most?

For me, I'd say that it's mostly about health, but of course I also would like the side effect of looking good too. A lot of people see what they look like and are unhappy and that is the motivation.

I think when we are completely honest with ourselves with our reasons and feel a strong enough resolve, then we have more self control to get to where we want to be.

Just some thoughts...
Jan 18th '14 21:16 PM
It's both for me, but I guess vanity wins out over health. I seem to be more mentally hung up on my appearance (and those dreaded fat rolls) than I am on my health.
Jan 19th '14 09:56 AM
It's vanity for me I suppose at the start, health was probably an issue, but I'm a healthy weight now and it is pure vanity! Obviously with doing my running, the health aspect comes into it, especially with being able to run after the kids, but my main motivation is wanting to look good!
Jan 19th '14 16:42 PM
It's both for me. I want to look good but I also want to feel good. I want to be able to do things without being out of breath! I want to play with my kids and run around and not look like a "cow" (for lack of a better word). So it's both for me!
Jan 19th '14 17:09 PM
If I have to be totally honest, I would say for me the thing that motivates me the most is vanity. I just feel so self-conscious all the time. Nothing seems to fit the way that I want it to. Health is important too, but for some reason it's not the thing that motivates me.
Jan 20th '14 15:42 PM
For me it is more about health, I lost my parents at a seim-early (adult) age and different members of the family already have their own issues. I am just trying to stay ahead of the game here for my own kids.
Jan 20th '14 16:10 PM
It's mostly vanity for me too, although the health aspect is slowly becoming more important. Really, though, I just want to look fit and sexy.
Jan 22nd '14 20:48 PM
It is a bit of both but is becoming more about health than vanity. I used to eat such low calorie but rubbish foods to lose weight, so I did look good, but obviously it wasn't good for my health. I'm paranoid about cancer, it scares me so much, so I do a lot of research into good foods etc and try to incorporate them into my diet
Jan 23rd '14 11:31 AM
At first is was health, I constantly felt rubbish and the more I did the more I noticed lot's of changes in me. I guess now it's a little bit of both I know I feel rubbish if I go backwards or have unhealthy food but more than looking good I'd like to feel good.

Feb 12th '14 04:29 AM
Vanity for me. I have always been very focused on my appearance and always have an image in my mind of what I want to look like. But health is also very important too, but along with health comes mental health, and being at a healthy weight will increase my self-esteem, which is part of my mental health.