5:2 Diet

Jun 17th '14 23:02 PM
Stephen Reed
Almonds, at 700+ calories per cup, not one of the best diet foods IMHO
Jun 17th '14 23:08 PM
Stephen Reed
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Wow, those would be some rough days. I hadn't heard of this specific diet, although I have heard of intermittent fasting and this is pretty close to that.
It is meant to be a really good diet and has very positive effects for diabetics especially
I don't understand how that is possible. Diabetics are supposed to keep their blood sugar levels within a certain range. Eating so little can wreak havoc on blood sugar.

Navigating diets can be so tricky!
Depends on the diabetic. Type 1 with hypo-glycemic issues needs to keep strict control to ensure blood sugars don't crash through the floor.

But most Type 2 diabetics, with high blood sugar could do very well on a fasting type diet. Blood sugar stabilises well during fasting. Sure, one needs to play it safe if you have health issues, and not just dive in, but it is the advice that is still given to most Type 2 diabetics regarding food choices that is keeping them from improving their condition. Low GI/GL carbs still need to be processed, they still require insulin, but the thing with the low GI/GL, is that because they release the sugars more slowly, your cells are 'bathed' in insulin for far longer than eating a starch food and getting a short sharp spike.

IMHO, hyper glycemic diabetics would be better off investigating relatively lower carb diets, and an IF style of eating can also be relatively low carb.

Just a point of view for discussion.
Sep 23rd '14 17:54 PM
Mamafy, I have some concerns about people with blood sugar disorders having wide swings in calories like that. Something designed around a more consistent eating pattern seems like maybe it would be better. However I'm not a doctor.