So I've restarted!

Dec 31st '13 10:16 AM
Xmas has only added about 1lb but I've started with ww so it might take my body a while to catch on!

To start the new year I've ordered new jeans in size 10's. oh and a new jacket too
Dec 31st '13 11:34 AM
well done only adding 1lb! I've gained 3 and for size 10!!
Dec 31st '13 16:21 PM
One pound isn't too terrible, all things considered. I'm sure you will drop it again soon. I was shocked when I found out I had maintained. I didn't eat well so I don't even know how that happened. Maybe all the house cleaning and last-minute rushing burned more calories than I thought.
Dec 31st '13 17:07 PM
Yeah, seriously! Great job because I got a carton of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and that is my kryptonite! I try not to eat them everyday but they are so darn good!
Jan 1st '14 11:32 AM
So I'm already back down to normal ww is suiting me ok although I'm leaning more for an atkins inspired dinner as its lower points and filling
Jan 1st '14 15:52 PM
Wow - I wish I had only gained one pound over the holidays!! I've really got to get my butt in gear with healthy eating again... These holidays are killing me! Congrats on getting back down to normal again.
Jan 1st '14 17:30 PM
Yeah had a nice roast dinner today but pointed all and didn't add fat to potatoes. Last year I put 6lbs on at xmas but then I did start weeks before xmas and 2 full weeks after! Lol I've had a nice week but tbh felt abit rubbush going off track so happy for the structure xx
Jan 2nd '14 09:45 AM
Just 1 lb is great! I haven't dared check my weight!
Jan 2nd '14 10:21 AM
I need to try and fit exercise in I'll get my treadmill set up xx
Jan 2nd '14 16:20 PM
I am starting back up today. I tried yesterday but my daughter was nice enough to share her cold with everyone and exercise was just not in the works for the 1st of the year. I am hoping today runs really smooth!