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' Forum started by Olivia, Dec 19th, 2013 at 14:50 PM.
Dec 19th, 2013, 14:50 PM  
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What do you eat for breakfast? I'm trying to wean myself from my obsession with cold cereal but it's been tough fighting a lifelong love.
Dec 19th, 2013, 16:24 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2013
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I usually have oatmeal with cinnamon sprinkled on it. It's nice and filling
Dec 20th, 2013, 03:22 AM  
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It depends on how much time I have. On days when I don't have to go to work I will sometimes make an egg and toast or some oatmeal. For something quick, I sometimes eat a piece of fruit and a container of yogurt. Cold cereal is good too.
Dec 20th, 2013, 05:22 AM  
Join Date: Nov 2013
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I grew up on sugary, cold cereals, so I know what you mean! They're quick and easy and they taste good; what's not to love?! Oh wait, I know - all those empty calories!! Seriously though, I switched to hot cereal -- specifically oatmeal. It may not be that much healthier in terms of calories, but it has more fiber, less sugar, and fills you up longer.
Dec 20th, 2013, 14:27 PM  
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I don't tend to eat breakfast, but if I do, it'll be either brown toast or branflakes! I have a passionate hatred of sugary cereals, apparently I'm really mean for not letting the kids have them
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