Plate size = portion control?

Dec 4th '13 17:05 PM
I can't remember where I got this from but I remember someone (or some TV program) mentioning that if you are on a diet you should use a smaller plate to help with portioning food. Something to do with psychology and seeing a full plate.

Is this real thing or did I just imagine it?

Has anyone tried this? The kids have a big small plate that's halfway between my plate and a side plate. Think of using it.
Dec 4th '13 17:16 PM
When I started to count calories I noticed the size of our plates. I did not toss them out and buy new ones of course but I did start paying more attention to how full a plate gets before I decide that is how much I want. It can help.
Dec 4th '13 17:30 PM
I did go out and buy new plates. I bought smaller ones - I went from large square ones to smaller round ones. I am eating a lot less now. I do think that it matters. I also stop eating when I'm full now. I don't make sure I clean my plate.
Dec 4th '13 18:28 PM
I have heard it before that eating meals on a smaller plate can make you feel like you have eaten more so you feel more satisfied. Also heard that eating off dark blue plates helps as well for some reason!
Dec 5th '13 10:29 AM
I'm a big believer in psychology and how certain things make you act differently. Think I'm going to have to find somewhere that sells dark blue plates
Dec 5th '13 10:32 AM
Yes, I definitely believe in psychology. I think that certain things can make you act or feel a different way. Hope you manage to find some blue plates and hope they help.
Dec 5th '13 14:58 PM
We switched to eating off the salad plates and it is very helpful. I don't think it's quite as helpful as actually measuring out portions, but it's a very good intermediate step.
Dec 7th '13 01:23 AM
I heard about this and decided to try it, and it really does work. I switched from dinner plates to saucers for main meals, from saucers to tea-cup saucers for desserts. I'd say I'm probably eating about a third less to half as much now as I used to, but at the end of the meal, I'm still full and satisfied.
Dec 7th '13 14:21 PM
Good idea. I have some pretty, etched glass, small plates that I should be using instead of my regular dinner plates. I believe it is important for your food to look good too. It makes it more satisfying.
Dec 7th '13 20:23 PM
I never did this but I started taking notice at how much I filled up the plate! If I fill the plate too much and it's falling off then I go back and remove and reduce!