Nov 30th '13 01:40 AM
Help me out here! Are proteins good to eat and if so when is the best time? Which proteins are considered lean proteins and why? Lastly do you really get energy from eating proteins?
Nov 30th '13 02:25 AM
Are they good to eat? Of course they are! They're essential for your body. When is the best time to eat them? I'd say a little with every meal, same as with fat and carbs.
Dec 10th '13 12:44 PM
Yes proteins are very good for the body and for giving energy. I always have some protein after a workout as it helps to repair the muscles
Dec 10th '13 14:16 PM
Proteins also help stabilize blood sugar, which is easier on your body and helps you feel full longer. Good lean proteins include chicken and turkey, especially if you stick with white meat.
Dec 10th '13 19:18 PM
Yes especially after working out if you do. I have a protein shake after workouts but also eat a lot of eggs. Cottage cheese with salads or on cracker bread with some cucumber.
Dec 19th '13 10:20 AM
protiens are the building blocks of the body .They play a very vital role in the overall maintenance of our bodyFish and low fat dairy products come under lean protien category.
Dec 19th '13 11:31 AM
I was always under the impression that high protein foods made you feel full. Is that right?
Dec 19th '13 12:56 PM
Yes I've read that high protein foods keep you fuller for longer than high carb foods.
Dec 19th '13 13:57 PM
Yea higher protein foods keep you feeling fuller for linger! I get my protein from things like beans and pulses and they do really fill you up and obviously don't have the fat content of meat/dairy!