Eek nearly there!

Nov 3rd '13 09:39 AM
WI at 9stone exactly this morning it's been my long-term aim to get into the 8s, but I thought it was going to be impossible, so went into maintain! I've not seen 9 stone exactly since I first hit it at the start of the year!

Not expecting it to be the same tomorrow when my body realises how much alcohol it had last night, but it's made the hangover slightly more bareable but hopefully by the end of the week I'll be in tbs 8s if I stick to my running program!
Nov 3rd '13 09:58 AM
well done hun ♥♥♥
Nov 3rd '13 10:18 AM
Going to re weigh in a min, seeing as I've just thrown up a few litres of alcohol there's got to have been 1lb worth surely can't remember the last time I threw up the morning after I do feel a little better for it though! Doesn't help mind that the small one's in a doctor phase and was standing over me telling me she's a doctor and will make me better
Nov 3rd '13 11:26 AM
Wow yay go you
Nov 6th '13 19:08 PM
Yay that's great! Well done
Nov 6th '13 20:07 PM
Go you 9 stone? Is that the 3lbs you you were trying to lose a few months ago when you were racing me? or have you lost a whole stone since then?
Nov 6th '13 22:25 PM
Same 3lbs I've been trying to lose them for over 6m now!
Nov 6th '13 23:05 PM
Ah sod it. 3 lbs is nothing if you are at a point you are comfortable with What I wouldn't give to be nearer to 9 stone (although I think that too much for me ). Idea I want to be 11 but will settle for 12.5

Congrats though