Making food fun!

Oct 31st '13 15:02 PM
I was helping a friend come up with some cute ideas for a party and we came across these. I love it! Dieting doesn't have to be boring.

Oct 31st '13 16:38 PM
Seen the banana ones before, but what on earth are the bug ones? They look like green and black olives with cucumber Would be good for a healthy halloween party
Oct 31st '13 19:08 PM
They're awesome! Good way to get kids to eat more fruit and veg too!
Oct 31st '13 20:18 PM
Those pics are awesome! Can I ask where you came across them at? Is there a blog that you guys were looking at? I'll have to try the banana dolphins and the apple crabs; they are too cute!
Oct 31st '13 22:31 PM
What neat ideas!!! Now if I just had someone to make them and serve me, I'd be in business. Ha! Ha! These would also be great party ideas for adults or kids. Thanks for sharing. I'll be trying some of them.
Nov 4th '13 15:21 PM
Ha they are awesome!
Nov 6th '13 07:01 AM
I love that bee cake. It looks scrumptious. The bees look so real! I also try to make my dishes colorful and visually pleasing in general. It increases my appetite and allows me to take some fantastic pictures to show off to my fellow foodies.
Nov 6th '13 20:48 PM
They look so cool! A good way for getting kids to eat more fruit too
Nov 7th '13 19:07 PM
The bees are made from black and green olives with cucumber wings and chive antennae. They are sitting on crackers. Very cute! What a nice way to dress up a table.
Nov 7th '13 21:22 PM

The photos weren't all on the same site. I think we just entered "bento" and "decorating food" in Google images and these were some of the easier ideas we found.