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Snickers Mars Bounty Protein Bars Review

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Jul 31st '17, 15:03 PM  
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Snickers Mars Bounty Protein Bars Review

So our gym is selling these bars which I've been tempted to try but they are quite expensive so without buying a box worth I purchased one of each.

What do I think of them? I'll add my thoughts as I try them ... Obviously not in one go.

Snickers Protein
Calories 199
Protein 19g
Fat - 7.1g
Saturates - 2.7g
Carbs - 18.4
Sugars - 9.5

Snickers - The real deal

Calories 250
Protein 4g
Fat - 12g
Saturates - 4.5g
Carbs - 33g
Sugars - 27g

Chewy - A real tease when yo take that first bite and get a hint of peanuts but it's only really slight and by the time I finished the bar I'm not sure I could taste much - And that's what a 'snickers' is right?

Yes it has 19g of protein but the carbs is a lot higher than I'd like for a protein bar that doesn't reach any better than any other protein bar that I wouldn't buy again. I can think of better healthier things to spend my macros on... actually I would have enjoyed some raw veg and hummus over this.

A real disappointment. If I'm going to enjoy a snickers I'll just buy a normal snickers.

Would I buy again

- Still to try
- Still to try
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Jul 31st '17, 16:13 PM  
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Sorry you didn't enjoy it!
Jul 31st '17, 17:07 PM  
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Fun to try ... I suppose
Aug 1st '17, 22:16 PM  
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At least you know what they're like, always better to know than wonder I guess

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Aug 9th '17, 13:38 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
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Argh my last post got deleted because i linked to a food!

Anyway i didnt know they did a protein bar

I prefer whole food but get the convenience bit, i take 'Asdas own pure whey' after training.


Whey Protein [Concentrate & Isolate (from Milk)] , Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder (8%) , Flavourings , Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin) , Salt , Thickener (Xanthan Gum) , Sweetener (Sucralose) .

Per portion is 115 cals, minimal carbs and 21g protein.

I am also addicted to fage zero strained yoghurt, per pot is 17.5g of protein, 90 calories and they taste good.
Oct 25th '17, 19:38 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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I can only imagine you can't beat the real thing! I tried a little protein bar from Super Drug recently, I have forgot the name but it was disgusting!
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