Condiments - In the fridge or out?

View Poll Results: Where do you keep your condiments?
In the fridge? 8 88.89%
Out of the fridge? 1 11.11%
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Jun 16th '14 15:34 PM
Where do you keep your condiments? Ketchup, brown sauce, BBQ sauce etc.

I keep them in the fridge and my husband said they should be kept out. It drives me mad!

What do you do??

Jun 16th '14 23:28 PM
Debate has happened in this house too ... I'm pretty sure most of the labels say fridge... So check those out and win the argument

They go yukky out IMO. Today with the general nice days I opened my cupboard and the coconut oil was melted imagine that too sauces going warm then back down to cool!
Jun 17th '14 13:00 PM
I'm pretty sure that all of those need to be kept in the fridge. Read the label. Don't they say refrigerate after opening? I always put them in the fridge. There is nothing worse than eating a hot dog with warm ketchup on it.
Jun 17th '14 13:52 PM
I don't think HP sauce says where to keep it. Maybe it's my husband's excuse for keeping leaving it out!

In my father in law's kitchen the other day and he doesn't even keep eggs in the fridge. Must run in the family

Jun 17th '14 15:44 PM
I put everything to the fridge! I donot use much of sauces. So it usually kept for long time at my home. So i prefer fridge. I am sure the problem "fridge or not" depends only on the duration of "life" the sauces will be kept in your home;-)
Jun 17th '14 22:46 PM
I'm sure HP ones do say store in fridge lol ...

I have a hidden beer fridge near my kettle and well everything can go in there from oxo cubes, empty water bottles, bit tablets even tea bags when not enough room near by
Jun 17th '14 23:30 PM
Ketchup, HP + BBQ etc go in the cupboard. Mayo and Salad Cream goes in the fridge
Jun 18th '14 04:22 AM
Most of them I food them in the fridge.
Jun 22nd '14 17:58 PM
I looked a looney taking pictures of hp sauce bottles but ....

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Jun 22nd '14 17:59 PM
BBQ sauce from our fridge and sainsburys tomato sauce also say fridge

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