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Has anyone tried Joes Sausages?

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Jan 27th '14, 13:21 PM  
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Has anyone tried Joes Sausages?

Was talking about me dieting this weekend and someone told me about a website/shop called Joes Sausages (http://joessausages.co.uk). They hadn't tried them but apparently they are good for dieters.

Has anyone heard of them? Even better, have you tried them?

You have to order in bulk. Minimum 8 packs which works out about 27 quid per order, but thinking if they are any good it might be worth stocking up the freezer for a nice treat or will have to find someone else local who want to split an order with me
Jan 27th '14, 14:33 PM  
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I haven't tried them but did find the websites a handful of months back and read lot's of good reviews... I believe it was mentioned in my SW group because my diet friend was going to order with me and she ended up slipping off the diet.

Thanks might consider this again actually ...
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