How do you deal with cravings?

Jan 17th '14 17:17 PM
We all know that there is definitely some science to the food cravings we all have. But do you guys do anything to stop feeling like you want to eat that cupcake or pizza that you just walked by?
Jan 18th '14 00:38 AM
when i crave something i usually eat a handful of almond with some dried fruits in it
Jan 18th '14 05:04 AM
I try to get the food out of sight and out of mind and then distract myself by reading, watching a movie, or doing something with my hands. If you've got crochet needles in both hands, you can't eat a cupcake, too!!
Jan 18th '14 11:03 AM
Depending on what I'm craving, I try to leave it a while and if I still want it I'll have a small portion! I saw something really interesting the other day about what you're actually needing when you crave things, will have to try and find it again! That said though, I've totally given into my cravings this week
Jan 18th '14 14:40 PM
I usually try to fill myself up with something substantial that feels like a treat, such as some almonds
Jan 20th '14 16:05 PM
I just try to distract myself and hope the craving passes. If it doesn't, I allow myself a small portion of whatever it is that I am craving.
Jan 20th '14 17:35 PM
Good thoughts and tips! I actually try to fill myself up with some water at the moment of a special craving. I find that it works pretty well considering what I feel. Then, I go do something else because I know that I can eat in 2 or 3 hours.
Jan 20th '14 18:09 PM
If I find myself craving something sweet, I will usually sip on a diet soda or have a sugar-free Jello. If I am craving something savory, I'll eat some plain popcorn with some spicy seasoning, which I can eat really slowly, one piece at a time, and that usually quiets it down for awhile. Like others mentioned, nuts usually help too.