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Salad and stew week but need quick low calorie lunch ideas

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Jan 6th '14, 00:56 AM  
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Salad and stew week but need quick low calorie lunch ideas

Serious pull back for me with salads Monday Wednesday Friday and stews Tuesday Thursday Saturday. I need to pull back and be tough on myself this week, I'll appropriate a more attractive but healthy menu next week!

I need some healthy lunch ideas though so I don't just have shakes. So far all I have is low calorie cup soups, eggs and some ryvita! Bored of the same things though. Any healthy quick lunch ideas?
Jan 6th '14, 01:26 AM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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What about sandwiches? That's the standard lunch around here, and since I have started doing Weight Watchers, we have switched white bread for wheat sandwich thins, any old meat (whatever was on sale) for low-cal turkey, and regular sliced cheese for the kind that's low fat. Pair it with some fresh fruit and you're good to go.
Jan 6th '14, 11:38 AM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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I like the wholegrain crackerbread at 19cals per slice. I tend to have 4-6 of those abd have it with extra light cream cheese/tomatoes/lean ham
Jan 6th '14, 12:20 PM  
SoSlim Addict
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Veg stir fry? Before Xmas I was having super noodles almost every day for lunch I always struggle at lunch time cos I don't really like sandwiches and it's hard to find something quick and easy!
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