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Calories in a boneless skinless chicken breast fillet?

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Dec 18th '13, 14:50 PM  
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Calories in a boneless skinless chicken breast fillet?

I know raw chicken is about 30 calories per ounce (28.5 ish grams), but was thinking what happens when you cook it? Does it gain or lose calories depending on how you cook it?

A few more questions, sorry;
If you boil it do you lose anything? Have no idea why I was thinking about this. And if you cut it into strips and fry in a little oil does the increase of surface area absorb more calories, or is that fat?

OK last question. If I fry 1oz of chicken in 1 cal frylight is it 31 calories regardless cooking whole or strips?

Confusing myself now. Can anyone help
Dec 18th '13, 15:46 PM  
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I think that the calories stay the same but I think that cooking does change the weight of things. Baking/roasting makes it lighter and boiling makes it heavier as it's got added water. I usually go off the raw weight of things
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