Alfredo Sauce

Nov 14th '13 22:26 PM
I found several recipes for homemade Alfredo sauce online but all of them are high in fat and calories. Most call for cream, so I am wondering what I can substitute for the cream in order to make the sauce healthier without compromising the creamy texture that Alfredo sauce is known for. Anyone?
Nov 15th '13 17:27 PM
I have had some success at using low-fat milk, reducing the amount of butter, and using some Wondra (superfine flour) to thicken it. You may need to add extra garlic for flavor.
Nov 15th '13 19:01 PM
Yup, same here. I've used low-fat milk, still using the butter, some olive oil, and some flour to thicken it. I love alfredo sauce over my pasta.
Nov 15th '13 21:22 PM
Very interesting. I thought my alfredo days were long gone when I started to eat healthier. I'm going to try to make it with low-fat milk and flour. Does it still have the same flavor?
Nov 25th '13 16:45 PM
I had to look that up sounds niceeeee