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Greek Yogurt vs Regular Yogurt

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' Forum started by Wobbles, Jan 21st, 2019 at 14:04 PM.
Jan 21st, 2019, 14:04 PM  
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Greek Yogurt vs Regular Yogurt

Is Green yogurt better for us that regular yogurt? Is is Greek Yogurt more nutritious?

The answer is YES ...

If you are losing weight and or exercising this is the yogurt you should pick up!

During the process of yogurt regular yogurt is strained 2 times, Greek yogurt is strained 3 times which for information purposes is why it is thicker than regular yogurt.
  • Greek yogurt contains less sugar
  • Greek yogurt contains less sodium by about half
  • Greek yogurt contains less lactose
  • Greek yogurt contains less whey
  • Greek yogurt contains less carbs by about half
  • Greek yogurt is more concentrated so contains almost double the amount of protein
  • More protein keeps you full for longer which makes Greek yogurt and must have in your diet

So yes Greek yogurt is better for you than regular yogurt.

What do you have with yours?
Jun 19th, 2021, 17:49 PM  
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thanks for the comparison, i didn't like Greek yogurt much when I used to eat yogurt back in the days but I always ate my yogurts with a slice of toasted toast.
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