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Is Eating Meat Clean Eating?

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' Forum started by Wobbles, Jun 6th, 2014 at 12:52 PM.
Jun 6th, 2014, 12:52 PM  
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Is Eating Meat Clean Eating?

Many think clean eating is just for the vegetarian. Wrong! While 'clean eating' is quite vague adapted to the individual nothing says you can't eat meat to eat clean/healthily.

So can I eat meat and follow clean eating?
The answer is YES. If you want to clean eat meat and dairy should be eaten in their natural and unprocessed form. Where possible buy fresh meat from the butchers and avoid pre-packaged meat products.

Clean eating is about consuming foods that are healthiest for you and your body. Buy foods whole, in their natural state that haven't been altered or preserved chemically avoiding all processed and long life products.
Jun 6th, 2014, 14:44 PM  
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thanks for the information! I do agree that eating healthy meat is good and healthy for you and your body;-)
Jun 11th, 2014, 21:15 PM  
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Thanks for posting I think meat is great and has many benefits. I just wish I could afford grass fed meat as I know that's cleaner and doesn't have all the hormones etc in it. It's just so expensive though. I do get my meat from a butchers van but it doesn't say anything about being organic. But I know that getting organic certification is quite expensive and a hassle for them so some of them are organic even though they've not got the official label. Not sure about this one though.

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