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Variations on Baked Egg Cups

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' Forum started by Millicent, Apr 9th, 2014 at 17:36 PM.
Apr 9th, 2014, 17:36 PM  
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Variations on Baked Egg Cups

I really like baked egg cups: Line a muffin tin with deli turkey, crack an egg into the cup, break the yolk, top with pepper and cheese, and bake. I sometimes beat the egg up and add diced red pepper to it for a change.

I'm getting a little bored with these two, though, and wonder how else to jazz up the eggs. Any suggestions?

It's not that I'm not creative in the kitchen, I just have such a case of morning fog going on that it's difficult to break the boredom barrier and come up with something new.
Apr 9th, 2014, 18:13 PM  
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Not got any suggestions at the moment, but baked egg cups sound niiicee. How long do you bake them for?
Apr 10th, 2014, 08:29 AM  
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They sound lovely I haven't tried anything like that yet but I will now. I do make quite a few omelettes and we have a spicy one which might work with your way of doing eggs. I dry fry some onion (adding a little hot water if they start to catch) I then add peppers, chillis, paprika and some extra chilli flakes (not necessary if you don't like too spicy - we love them hot) I then sometimes add a variety of veg and some diced ham and make an omelette, it's really tasty, I think perhaps if you just used onions and peppers and spice it could work nicely.
Apr 11th, 2014, 14:42 PM  
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Spinach (healthy healthy)

What do you set your oven temp at and time?
Apr 16th, 2014, 02:57 AM  
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Oooh, like a mini quiche! Chopped bacon or ham might serve well. I imagine you could probably improvise from quiche recipes. One of my favorite quiches uses broccoli and cheese. I've had spinach and artichoke quiches as well that were to die for.
Apr 18th, 2014, 15:53 PM  
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"Like a mini quiche!" Exactly, but instead of a crust, you use meat.

Wobbles and Mitch: I bake them at 350F for approximately 20 minutes for hard cooked. The actual time varies according to how hard or soft you prefer your eggs. If you put them put them into the cups whole, you need to break the yolk with a toothpick for fear the yolk will explode and leave you a lovely mess in the oven.

These are great ideas, and I'll certainly use them. I do love spice, broccoli, spinach and cheese!
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