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' Forum started by RubyTuesday, Mar 12th, 2014 at 20:20 PM.
Mar 12th, 2014, 20:20 PM  
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I know bananas are pretty good when it comes to potassium and other vitamins. I also believe that they aren't recommended on a diet because they are high in carbohydrates but, for the past week, I have had a large banana for my lunch and it fills me up. I don't crave anything else until dinner time. Surely this has got to be good?
Mar 15th, 2014, 15:39 PM  
Stephen Reed
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it is good, I tend to make a sweeping generalisation about fruits and say that a med pice of fruit has 25g of carbs in it. Near enough is good enough in this respect.

Do you monitor your carb, protein, fat intake or are you just winging it regarding quantities (no disrespect, but most people do wing it and hope for the best)

Bananas are great, just eat a single piece of fruit, maybe two a day, not 7 or 8 :-)
Mar 15th, 2014, 19:24 PM  
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That sounds totally fine as long as you're eating them in moderation. And one a day definitely is okay
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