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Jan 7th '16, 14:27 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
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Best trainers for CrossFit

Hi all!

I was going to the gym and attending some of their extra BootCamp classes last year but have been looking into a local CrossFit group which I've been told will be a completely different workout to what I have been doing and to buy some good trainers. Good trainers? Are there any recommendations on what trainers are best to wear for CrossFit classes?

Thank you!
Jan 7th '16, 16:25 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
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Hiya I know Reebock are the official brand for crossfit and people swear by them, I have a couple of friends with the them, they dont do crossfit but use them for all their weight training! xx
Jan 8th '16, 15:17 PM  
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Hi Peach!

I haven't got a paid but I would LOVE a pair.... I just can't justify them until my other 3 trainers are at binning stage

I love these:

I have no idea if they are better than what I have but people have recommended I get a pair so soon ... x
Nov 10th '16, 18:02 PM  
Oarsome Fitness
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For crossfit, anything that doesn't have too much of an air sole is ideal - just like with all olympic weight lifting. If you imagine doing deadlifts whilst wearing trainers with heavy padding in the heel, your first movement is your heels going into the shoe which can cause instability and can place risk of injury.

As mentioned, reebok have made their own model that is designed to allow for both lifting and running, as a typical weight lifting shoe is not suitable for running in.

A lot of crossfitters just wear converse.
Oct 18th '18, 17:07 PM  
Socially Shy
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I agree with the above - the main thing is to avoid running trainers because there is too much give/cushion in the sole which reduces your stability when lifting.

I've got a pair for Nike Metcon 4's - this is Nike's take on the CrossFit trainer. I'm going to get myself a pair of Reebook Nano's for Christmas but I am perfectly happy with my Nike ones.

(I can't post the link as I haven't been here long enough, but search for Nike Metcon on Google)

As you lift more, you'll probably graduate to having a pair of dedicated 'lifters' (for doing the olympic lifts). I haven't got there yet!

Good luck!
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