Fitness classes ..

Sep 4th '15 08:00 AM
sorry if I'm in the wrong section but I was just wondering if there is fitness classes / boot camps people would recommend.
At the minute I do bums and tums which I LOVE it's such good fun.
I've tried circuits and cross fit in the past too.
Any new ideas ?
Sep 4th '15 09:30 AM
Depends what they have on in your area. Finding something you enjoy is key. I know people who love Zumba, but personally my coordination sucks so it's a no go for me. I have done weight lifting / powerlifting in the past so for classes I usually go for something like yoga, boxfit or tai chi. I've also done kickboxing but found that a bit above my fitness level so am waiting till I've lost more weight before I go back.

Do you have membership for a gym or leisure centre. Sometimes it's a cost effective way if you know you'll use the gym or classes enough to cover the cost.
Sep 4th '15 10:08 AM
Thanks for your reply
Yes I do the gym 4 days a week and also a bums and tums class 1 day a week.
Bums and tums is the only class that is on at a good time with me working full time.
Is boxfit good ? It sounds interesting ..
Sep 16th '15 13:49 PM
I love circuit training/fitness camp. I've had one experience of a boot camp that really didn't give me what I need. If the workout area is too big and too many people you don't really have PT input. You know if they are right for you.

Do you use your leisure centre classes? Try and find groups local to you. You will find they don't have as many 'machines' as the leisure centres and it can look quit daunting but they are the best environments when you find the right one.

Anything that requires balance and rhythm I am crap at I went to a steps class once, most hilarious workout I have ever done! I'm not too fond of the boxing gloves either but it's meant to be an awesome workout if it's for you. Try one?
Sep 16th '15 13:59 PM
Hi Wobbles
Thanks for the info.
I'm currently doing bums and tums at the gym I use & I love that.
I'm going to look around for some local classes and try a few different things. See what I find best ! Wish me luck 😁
Sep 16th '15 15:12 PM
When I was a member at my local gym I used to really enjoy Zumba. I also went to circuits and step class which were hard but a good workout!
Sep 16th '15 15:19 PM
I love circuits ! They do that at the gym I go to ..
I also tried clubbercise which is quite dancy with glow sticks it' was good fun but they stopped doing it in there !
I like to be aching afterwards so I know I've done some hard work ! I don't always get that feeling from the gym 😁
Sep 17th '15 13:30 PM
Step class is very active but if you don't have an rhythm you are screwed

Change up your routine at the gym, your body might be use to it. Don't stick to the same routine x
Sep 17th '15 13:37 PM
Haha no my rythem ain't the best ! 😂 I've just recently changed my gym routine I seem to be quite enjoying the change actually !
Sep 17th '15 15:38 PM
Yer, I got bored of mine and swapped up every 8 weeks, once a bit earlier the body reacts to change though which is the bit you want.