Spicy Hot V8 Juice

Oct 23rd '13 13:22 PM
I LOVE this stuff. I've been drinking a glass in the morning for a vitamin kick along with some cottage cheese and toast. If they don't sell the Spicy Hot where you are, all you need to do is add some Tabasco.

I think a vegetable soup made with V8 as a base would be really good. Actually, If I remember correctly, there was a recipe for it somewhere. It was supposed to be really good for dieting.
Oct 23rd '13 16:24 PM
I have never tried this but I have seen a few of their smoothie drinks in the stores. I think the last one I had was a banana strawberry mix. How spicy is it?
Oct 24th '13 16:41 PM
I've also had the kind with the blended fruit juices and it's really good. The V8 vegetable blend is much lower in calories and carbohydrates though.

The Spicy Hot V8 has a little kick to it. You may want to try the regular V8 first and see if you like that if you don't like anything too spicy.