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What is cleanin eating

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Clean Eating

' forum. Paleolithic (caveman) dieting has grown massively in popularity. Promotes eating of whole foods and avoiding foods made from refined sugar, flour and processed meat.
Jan 27th '20, 15:15 PM  
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What is cleanin eating

What is clean eating?

Jan 29th '20, 20:30 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
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No process long life food, fresh food etc I guess if you think about food would a frozen burger be less clean than a freshly made from scratch burger! I always think raw food eating like a rabbit when I hear clean eating

Sep 23rd '20, 12:04 PM  
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I hear a lot of people talk about this I love convenience after work sometimes, the thought of spending too much time in the kitchen doesn’t appeal.

How effective is cleaning eating for weight loss compared to other plans do you think?
Oct 26th '20, 17:10 PM  
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What is clean eating?

Like Izzy said no processed foods also no long life foods. It is a food routine of eating vegetables, fruit although be careful not a lot of sugary fruits, lean proteins, whole grain choices and good healthy fats in your food choices.

When eating rice, breads, pasta eat in moderation and whole grain.

If you use sugar use natural good quality sugar such as honey and maple syrup.

Do you consider a food junk food ... like pizza? Then it's a no

You'll be surprised how many labels you will read as you get into it if you do ... look for peanut butter without any added **** in it for example. Eat air popped popcorn etc.

You are eating foods most close to it's natural form.

I have followed the 80/20 cleaning eating rule before successfully and admit I did feel good. I really did moderate my pasta, rice, bread and potato intake though, I moderated didn't take it out. I've done that and felt like crap... and I did like to eat 'junk food' and drink admit I didn't include my drinks in my thinking, I liked having a vodka and I wasn't going to beat myself up over it, I did change my habits there though ... there was a stage in my life before health and fitness I would have nothing but full fat coke, I know have soda and lime, I can't stand full fat coke.
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