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How many are there?

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Clean Eating

' forum. Paleolithic (caveman) dieting has grown massively in popularity. Promotes eating of whole foods and avoiding foods made from refined sugar, flour and processed meat.
Sep 9th '16, 12:26 PM  
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How many are there?

Weight loss is not an easy task, if you don't have a strong determination to get your body in shape. therefore, most of the youngsters, even adults chose to use a short-cut i.e. "Diet Pills / Drugs.

So How many social slimmers are taking Dietary Supplements to get in shape?
Sep 11th '17, 18:15 PM  
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I'm definitely not, and I don't recommend them. This is because they're often used in place of real food (in the case of vitamin supplements), and that's the healthiest way you can get the right nutrients. Also, know that any weight that is quick to go will be quick to come back on - this is why I don't believe in juice 'cleanses'. They tend to have a negative impact on the liver, too.

For long-term weight loss, there is no shortcut.
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