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Aug 21st '17, 19:40 PM  
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5K Race

Hi all,

So my place of work is having a charity 5K/10K race. Now, I'm not crazy so I'm thinking about doing the 5K.

However I've never ran more than 30 seconds before and don't have a lot of stamina.

If you have done a 5K before, how physically challenging was it and what training programme did you use to help you?
Aug 21st '17, 20:08 PM  
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I did a 10k, and I began by running on the treadmill, slowly increasing my distance to help build up my stamina, and then did some road running to get used to that.
Treadmill running is very different to roads, so I would suggest doing plenty of road runs to get used to it

I've heard very good things about the Couch to 5k app though. I didn't use it myself, but I've got friends in my SW group that never exercised at all, and they used that app to get themselves up and moving. One started using the app about 12 months ago and has recently done a half marathon! She's going for the London marathon next year

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Aug 21st '17, 21:10 PM  
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Hi GingerKibble,

I'm 51 and 17 weeks ago I was 2 stone overweight and couldn't run for a bus.

I started doing parkrun on a saturday morning with a friend (google it -it's free and a great way to train for your run)

The first time we went we ran about 100m then walked the rest. I felt that I didn't know how to run,it felt so awkward and unnatural.

Three weeks ago I ran the whole 5k for the first time and I'm working on getting a personal best each week.

I cannot recommend parkrun enough - it's so friendly . Everyone is treated with enormous respect. Believe me the elite runners do NOT look down on the fatties who turn up because they understand what it would be like to run carrying an extra X no of stone.

I wish you all the best with your training.
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