July Fitness Challenge

Jul 1st '15 07:54 AM
Since Junes seemed to go down so well thought was worth doing again. Thanks Huntress for starting last one

Anyway work still baking my noodle and have stress eaten my way to about a 1 and 1/2 stone gain. So I need to get my but into gear and do something more constructive. So my challenge is to do 1000 km on the exercise bike over the 31 days. Should stop me from moping about eating pizza If I fail I will give up pizza for a year and a day - This won't happen seriously if I have to take a week off work and just cycle I will
Jul 2nd '15 09:23 AM
Nooooo cant be fitness challenging on my own sucks. I thought it might motivate others. If a fat unfit fella like me can set a challenging goal of 1000km then surly other people must be up for something to push themselves. Guess people busy. Will post at the end of the month if I am giving up pizza Have fun.
Jul 2nd '15 12:52 PM
Good Luck Paul!! I'd love a challenge but I can't at the mo, under doctors orders. And then it's hols time!!
Jul 7th '15 00:20 AM
Paul does it have to be the same challenge or can I choose my own? If I can then I'm up for it.
I'm going to try to walk a minimum of 75km.
Jul 7th '15 07:32 AM
Hi JaquiE, nope its anything you want to do. Just declare it to the world as bit of extra motivation I only set a fail penalty as a bit of an extra kick.
Jul 7th '15 13:09 PM
Excellent Paul. In that case sign me up

My plan is to walk at least 5km every two days at the gym - so that should take me to my 75km for July. Liking the challenge. It should keep me motivated. I'm just getting back into exercising after a couple of operations so I don't think I'll give myself a penalty this month

July Fitness Challenge : ] 10.24km / 75km

I think I'll update my signature with this.
Jul 7th '15 20:51 PM
Oh love this as I told myself I would do a 5km walk/jog every Sunday or Monday morning (lifestyle means I have to alternate is all) this month, I did my first one Sunday

Belle xx
Jul 7th '15 22:21 PM
Hi Misbelle
Jul 8th '15 07:46 AM
I've already failed this week as I was going to get back into treadmill and other exercising but done none of them.

I have been walking thou so will update mine later with how many miles I've done in July so far.
Jul 8th '15 09:09 AM
What is your challenge huntress?

My challenge is to do 5 workouts a week between mudder training, camp and running/sprints.

x2 camp sessions so far!