Wobbles Tough Mudder Training - 2015

Jul 9th '15 18:13 PM
Sounds like a lovely place for the training! Hope it goes well
Jul 10th '15 14:18 PM
Mudder training #6

Well up the Abergwyngregyn falls we went with a slow run up (the word run used lightly lol)! We stopped off part way up at a water fall for a dip top to bottom #brrr then carried on... I didn't think up could have been any worse or much further I was already done in, I was wrong . My chest was f'ed start to finish as well #boo but made it, where I wasn't light jogging I was power walking. Downwards is just as bad dodging the sheep and trying not to go skidding down as the path got quite steep in parts.

I had few 'moments' with the heights/views on the downwards journey but I actually really enjoyed it and so did my calorie burn stats

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Jul 10th '15 18:11 PM
Wow what a great calorie burn! That sounded like hard work. Well done!
Jul 11th '15 09:39 AM
Can you send me some of your energy please.

What your doing would kill me. Those calories burnt is awesome.
Jul 11th '15 10:58 AM
Applause! Incredible work
Jul 14th '15 09:18 AM
No sure I have any energy before I go but once you're so far only way is to carry on I guess

We don't get to know what we are doing until the day before or even on the day.
Jul 17th '15 14:34 PM
Mudder training #7

A fell run and swim in the lake — at Llyn Geirionydd having a little fml moment now and then... can you see the pattern in the training? lol BUT I'm really enjoying it.

This was our evening!

811 calories burn 6.40 km of distance

So trail runs up and down with 2 swims thrown in took 1hour 18mins

I christened the new shoes which was fine since I bought them for this purpose and also tested the fitbit... its' water proof

Pics attached ... I am second in from left

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Wobbles Tough Mudder Training - 2015-mudder2.jpg  

Wobbles Tough Mudder Training - 2015-mudder3.jpg  
Jul 17th '15 15:19 PM
Wow well done!!

Love your new shoes!

Jul 17th '15 15:38 PM
That lake looks bloody freezing!!

Loving the shoes. How do you find your fitbit? I was wondering if they're as good as they're made out to be. I've got an agreement with OH that I'll get one but only if I keep going to the gym 3 times a week for at least a few months. Otherwise it will become a really nice bit of jewellery
Aug 3rd '15 17:08 PM
Between the recent mudder sessions I have joined a new ladies who lift programme, exciting times!
Feeling well and truly like I am smashing this right now

Mudder trainer #8... sprints, I was dreading this session but it's over now. I managed 6 of the 8 laps challenged. I didn't feel so failed when I realised others too sat out of 1-2 laps but not everyone so well done to those guys who were awesome for 8/8!

Then onto the next morning for my transformation session, ABS, it was tough but also a good en

*The End*

I'm enjoying my new routine for 4 weeks in the transformation ladies who lift group and have started looking forward to a Thursday night challenge with the mudder sessions. I think I might miss them?