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Incorrect nutrition values

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' Forum started by Bevziibubble, Jun 26th, 2014 at 14:40 PM.
Jun 26th, 2014, 14:40 PM  
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Incorrect nutrition values

Has anyone ever come across a case where the nutritional value of a food is incorrect?

I got a tin of mackerel from Aldi this morning and noticed that it said it had no fat in it, yet 38g of saturated fat, which is impressive! And 5g of sugar. The fat value should have been where the sugar was, the saturated fat value was the actual fat value and the sugar was the amount of saturated fat. I looked it up on MFP. Very confusing!

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Jun 26th, 2014, 15:57 PM  
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that so weird ...you could call and see what they have to said about it ?
Jun 29th, 2014, 14:59 PM  
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It happens sometimes! I have noticed that some products have incorrect nutrition value(( I think they donot pay much attention on calculation;-)
Jul 8th, 2014, 22:23 PM  
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I would definitely bring it to their attention. From my former experience working for a food producer, retail grocers take nutritional statements very seriously, especially Aldi.
Jul 9th, 2014, 17:29 PM  
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Wow, that is weird! I think it's obviously a mistake so you should definitely let them know about it. Mistakes do happen and it's all humans that are running these machines. For now, it is at least.
Aug 2nd, 2014, 18:51 PM  
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That is weird, but I am sure that it does happen from time to time. I doubt that a food producer would throw out a whole batch of food because of incorrect information.
Oct 4th, 2014, 08:20 AM  
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lucky time.
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