It's a new day

Nov 3rd '13 14:21 PM
Tomorrow, I start counting calories once again. This time I must stick with it because I just keep packing on the pounds. I've tried "My fitness pal" online but it's just too time consuming. Have you ever tried this app?
Nov 3rd '13 19:36 PM
I've used the mfp app quite a bit, I tend to float in and out of calorie counting! I found the app really useful as I just logged things as soon as I finished eating and I like how it shows you nutritional values!
Nov 3rd '13 20:19 PM
Jasmine, I use MyFitnessPal about 5-6 days/week. I know it may seem time-consuming at first, but if you take a little bit of time up front to create your usual meals and input recipes that you make a lot, it gets easier later on down the line because you don't have to keep searching item by item for meals you eat all the time. For example, if your usual workday breakfast is Cheerios and milk, you can search for those two items once, then save them together as a meal and name it "Workday Breakfast." Then after that, everyday that you have that breakfast, all you have to do is go under the Meals tab and select that meal and click, "Add to Meal."
Nov 25th '13 18:57 PM
I use MyFitnessPal and like it a lot. I don't necessarily create meals as PaintedNewbie does, but I still find it pretty quick as long as I don't have to enter in an entire new recipe. That can take some time.
Nov 25th '13 21:30 PM
Oddly I find I slip when I'm not logging x
Nov 26th '13 14:46 PM
I find MFP really helps to keep me on track.

Once you've got the majority of your meals stored it gets less time consuming.

Nov 26th '13 16:33 PM
I know nothing about this app "My fitness pal". I would love to learn a little more. So far I haven't really been counting calories as much as I need to. I did use an online calorie counter at one time but it was really hard to use. Is this app easy to use?
Nov 27th '13 18:50 PM
I think MFP is available on apple and android devices
Nov 30th '13 16:02 PM
Quote by Wobbles:
Oddly I find I slip when I'm not logging x
I run into the same issue. If I'm not logging my food, then I let my portions get bigger, or splurge a little more on treats.