Do you add extras to the meals?

Jul 25th '13 21:13 PM
Do you add extras to your weight watchers meals? If so what?

I add steam veg and honey parsnips to the chicken hotpot and with the sweet chilli chicken I add some garlic bread to the side.

Jul 25th '13 21:21 PM
Like you I either add veg to some or a bit of salad to the odd one. Very rarely have them though. I went in iceland to buy some chicken hotpots and they had none left... Damn it!!!
Jul 26th '13 14:40 PM
They are my fav right now!
Jul 26th '13 19:43 PM
I do the same by adding only veggies. I love fresh veggies and right now our garden is in full swing. I eat a lot of veggies every single day. I don't eat only Weight Watchers meals though. I pack them for lunch for work.
Jul 27th '13 20:27 PM
I'll add a salad or some extra vegetables, but I try to avoid adding extra carbs. I find that the meals themselves just aren't enough to fill me up.
Jul 29th '13 18:41 PM
Tonight I'm having a WW meal, parsnips and steamed veg
Jul 29th '13 21:57 PM
Hehe! I didn't have any parsnips tonight *sigh*