Tigg's Filling and Healthy

Sep 14th '15 17:23 PM
Very happy to find this site after discovering Minimins has closed. I weighed myself in this morning at home after a weekend of feeling very meh. I'm now at the heaviest weight I've been in my life and have the rather daunting task of 6 stone to lose! I already have a Nutracheck account all paid up for three months, but gave up on calorie counting one week in. I'm actually half a stone heavier than I was 3 weeks ago. This madness has to stop now!

I've decided to do Filling and Healthy because I know how to do it without having to pay for yet another membership. Though will consider going back to club once I can afford it. F&H has worked for me in the past and I work better without weighing and measuring. I'm going to post my meals and (hopefully!) weight losses in here, because it's a way to keep me focussed, but would be a bonus if anyone else doing F&H could share their experiences too.


B - raw porridge oats, fat-free plain yoghurt, grated apple, all mixed together in a big mug

L - two crumpets with half a tin of baked beans and a poached egg (no butter, the baked beans soaked through nicely though so they were squidgy)

D - cooking now and smells lishus - a sort of ratatouille. Slowly fried one onion, one courgette, half an aubergine and two fat cloves of garlic in 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Then tipped in a carton of passata, a drop of water swished round the empty carton. Chucked in some fresh oregano from our little balcony garden and lots of freshly ground pepper. I always crush my garlic with the flat side of a big knife blade, sprinkling the garlic liberally with salt to draw out the juices. Going to have the ratatouille with brown rice.

S - satsumas; Options hot chocolate to watch University Challenge with later

D x
Sep 15th '15 17:56 PM
Forgot to mention yesterday that I had a couple of walks round the block which clocked up 6000 steps. A few years ago I got myself running using the C25K, but yesterday I really struggled with just the walking - aching knees and out of breath! Another good reason to get some weight off.

Today's menu

B - raw porridge oats, grated apple and f/f plain yoghurt mixed in the big mug
L - leftover ratatouille and rice warmed in the microwave
D - Chilli: I only had 12% fat mince in, so cooked that first to get some of the fat out (not properly F&H though), drained that all off then in a teaspoon of olive oil, fried onion, lots of garlic, a green pepper, a bit of scotch bonnet chilli (the only one I had in), then put the mince back in, half a tin of kidney beans and a carton of passata. Teaspoon of smoked paprika too. Then cooked it down for about half an hour. The brown rice was boiled, then fried in a teaspoon of olive oil with yellow pepper, crushed garlic, onion, a grated carrot a few bits of chopped courgette. It was a good big dinner and certainly hit the spot!

S - banana; satsumas; Options hot chocolate for the telly later
E - Only managed one round the block walk today, as caught up in work (I'm a f/t research student, mostly working from home) - a measly 2467 steps.