How does weight watchers work?

Jun 17th '13 20:22 PM
Really silly question probs, but I don't get it lol! Jut browsing a ww magazine that MILs given me and was thinking of giving it a go, mainly cos I've never done it and I'm curious!

I know you get a points allowance, but what is it? Is it different for everyone? And roughly what foods worth what? I know so many people that have had really good successes with it! And does anyone know if it works well if you've only got a little to lose?
Jun 18th '13 18:13 PM
I'd imagine you'll just get the minimum 26 propoints hun then you get 49 weekly points as well. Plus you can earn activity points. Most fruit/veg are free but pasta, rice, eggs and potatoes are not and are pointed. Oh and if followed it will work xx
Jun 18th '13 21:14 PM
Thanks hun! Really considering giving it a go! Even if it is just for curiositys sake lol!
Jun 19th '13 08:48 AM
It's really easy to follow. I got my propoints calculator (a must) on ebay and bought the eat out and shopping books second hand and also bought the ww pedometer which shows you pp earned for steps
Jun 19th '13 09:03 AM
I'm just struggling to get my head around it, although I was like that with sw when I first did that, so I suppose it just takes time!
Aug 23rd '13 10:43 AM
In addition to the easy to follow, anything goes in moderation, eating plan, Weight Watchers also works because it creates accountability through it’s community. For those people who opt to attend meetings, every week you will weigh in and your weight and weight loss will be recorded!
Aug 23rd '13 13:16 PM
What I like about it is that it's not fad dieting. They really do teach you how to eat healthy for life. They have some really lovely recipes too.
Aug 24th '13 08:55 AM
See from what I've heard, it's seemed to be more about losing the weight as quick as poss without learning about how to do it healthily and keep it off. Although that could be down to the people I've known that have done it
Aug 24th '13 13:27 PM
As far as I've always heard, they advise not to lose more than 2 pounds a week. The thing with Weight Watchers is they go heavy on the group support stuff and attending meetings. I've always been really interested in joining, because I know a LOT of people that had success with it, but there is a fee to join and attend meetings. You can follow along with their plan and do things on your own, though.
Aug 27th '13 21:23 PM
You could always just actively cut carb options for breakfast and lunch and use some of the WW products like I do? x