WW restart!

Jan 15th '14 08:55 AM
So after a complete blow out last week I needed a more structured week. On Monday I thought I would restart atkins and done 1 day but decided ww is a better way to finish this journey. I have started in higher points of 29 as I have little to lose and will increase this at target.
Jan 15th '14 12:25 PM
Good luck!
Jan 18th '14 15:03 PM
That sounds like a good plan. Good luck!
Jan 19th '14 10:13 AM
Hows it going hun?
Jan 20th '14 09:50 AM
Its not had a mixed week and weekend blow out but ready to restart today
Jan 20th '14 10:56 AM
good luck today! I really need to sort my eating out, I've got a tad lazy!
Jan 20th '14 11:00 AM
Weighed and a few lbs on which I'm glad as its kicked me into touch to reset my ww calculator going to dust my bike off too. Bloody af landed and I got major munchies :/
Jan 21st '14 15:57 PM
Good for you but time of the month isn't helpful, hope you get through it. How much more do you wish to lose?
Jan 21st '14 16:06 PM
Thanks tinks going ok...done 17km on the bike and stuck to points....roughly 7/8lbs but sticking to exercise as its great for mood and shape
Jan 21st '14 22:37 PM
Wow hun go you x