Is anyone doing Weight Watchers online?

Dec 6th '13 07:46 AM
I was wondering if anyone is doing the Weight Watchers program online at their site and if it is worth the money? I wanted to go and join a regular program but the one that is closest to me is about 20 miles away.
Dec 7th '13 01:21 AM
I'm doing Weight Watchers online and I love it! It's cheaper than doing Weight Watchers meetings and it's a lot more convenient. You have access to everything online and you can even install an app on your phone to keep up with tracking on the go. I would HIGHLY recommend it!!
Dec 7th '13 14:15 PM
Thank you! So, you like it? You pay by the month and can quit at anytime? I wonder if they will have any special prices to join with the new year coming up.