Syn value

Aug 22nd '17 10:55 AM
What is the syn value of weight watchers toffee yogurt please
Aug 23rd '17 08:02 AM
Someone told me as an average estimate, for very 20cal it's one syn. Not sure if that helps but I've had trouble syning alot of things

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Sep 10th '17 21:13 PM
I believe they are free!

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Sep 10th '17 21:14 PM
Weight Watchers Dessert Whip Creamy Chocolate/Banoffee/Strawberries & Cream, made up as directed (per serving) 2.5
Weight Watchers Rich Chocolate Desserts, chilled (70g pot) 3
Weight Watchers Choc Pots 6 pack (55g each) 2.5
Weight Watchers Chocolate Sponge Puddings, chilled (100g pot) 9.5
Weight Watchers Sticky Toffee Sponge Puddings, chilled (100g each) 6.5
Weight Watchers Chocolate Brownies/Caramel Crunch/Banoffee Desserts, frozen (86g pot) 8.5
Weight Watchers Sticky Toffee Cheesecakes, chilled (80g each) 9
Weight Watchers Dessert Recipe Yogurts (all varieties) FREE

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Sep 12th '17 13:08 PM
They are syn free.

The 20 cals per 1 syn rule should only be applied to crisps, chocolate, cakes and sweets as an estimated syn value. Once you get any free foods in an item, it is a different way of working out the syn values.
This rule can apply to some other foods, but it's always better to ask for the correct syn value.