Healthy extra b update?

Apr 14th '17 17:41 PM
Hi everyone!!

I'm just after some clarification really. Someone posted in their slimming world insta account that 30g of Aldi's harvest morn lighter granola (strawberry and blueberry) had been added to the healthy extra b list. Is this correct??

Thank you!

Apr 14th '17 18:11 PM
It is indeed! So is the apple & raspberry

I'm so glad you asked this, I like finding new things and I rarely search them out myself

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Apr 15th '17 09:35 AM
Ooo I'm so happy!! Love their granola!!
Could you tell me if possible what 30g of it equates to eg frylight lid etc. I don't have any digital scales just yet!

Apr 15th '17 15:01 PM
I'm not sure. The fry light lids have changed apparently and depending on what you are measuring in them will differ per item. I know porridge oats used to fit in the lids, and that would be 30g, but they aren't the same any more apparently.

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Apr 20th '17 19:21 PM
Thank you for posting that as I always use the lid of my frylight and assume it's 30g!! I've invested in some electronic scales this week.
I want to just check I've done these calculations right before I eat any. I've divided up my Easter eggs and weighed each portion to 25g = 7 SYNS (rounded up).
One is 534kcal per 100g
The other is 539kcal per 100g

Have I done the right calculation?
Apr 20th '17 22:49 PM
Yes, that's what I did last year

And the SW website says 7 syns per 25g

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Apr 21st '17 07:51 AM
I feel like I can conquer the world with these new scales 😂 Talk about game changer!!
Apr 21st '17 11:05 AM

It can be surprising when you look at what you've been counting as '30g' and find it isn't

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