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Mar 24th '17 09:32 AM
Can anyone help me with syns for Asda butchers Mediterranean pork loin steaks. I've attached a photo with nutrition info each steak will weigh approx 110g. And can anyone recommend a low syn marinade or meat powders you can get in packets, I find plain meat really boring.


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Mar 25th '17 03:24 AM
These are 2 syns each

All herbs and spices are free. You could always make your own dry marinade for them. Spray your meat with fry light and then cover in whatever herb/spice mixture you make
The Schwartz Perfect Shake things are all syn free.
I really enjoy the Maggi So Tender sheets, and they average 1 syn per sheet. They're really tasty.
The other Maggi things aren't bad to be honest, although they're higher in syns.

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