Feb 28th '17 15:48 PM
Hi - speaking to my sister the other day as she has joined SW (I can not as I work shifts and refuse to pay the online) and she stated that mince beef and sausages are FREE if they are less than 5%. However I am unsure this is right. She is the type of girl who is very astute when it comes to stuff like this and would have been told it in group. Anyone help or clarify?
Feb 28th '17 19:47 PM
Welcome to social slimmers

That's almost correct. I've been with SW for many years and this is one thing that always confuses some people. Especially when it comes to sausages.
Although not entirely for sausages.
Beef mince, pork mince, turkey mince, and other meats are syn free as long as they are below 5% fat, or if it's something like bacon or steak, they're free as long as they have all visible fat trimmed.
However, sausages are a different story. There are no syn free sausages except for the SW ones in Iceland.
The lowest syn sausages are currently the Porky Lights which should be available in most supermarkets, and they are 0.5 syns each.

Does that make sense?

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Feb 28th '17 19:51 PM
It makes perfect sense.

We have chatted on here about the PL sausages and also Sainsbury's BGTY which is why what she said confuddled me.
Thanks again.
Feb 28th '17 19:54 PM
no worries

Its just one of those plans that takes some getting used to and especially when it comes to syn value

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Mar 1st '17 15:06 PM
I've just seen this on the Two Chubby Cubs Facebook page...

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Mar 1st '17 17:30 PM
Eeek. Have to steer clear of them until it is resolved.